Network Savvy And Budget Minded

Our Proactive approach to managed IT services will ensure you experience the maximum amount of network up-time and production while minimizing IT support cost.

Managed IT Services

  • Proactive Systems Maintenance
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Active Directory Administration
  • Data Backup Administration
  • Network Security
  • Equipment Provisioning
  • Service & Equipment Provider Relations
  • Growth planning & Coordination
  • Systems Deployment & Allocation

Any Network – Any Size

No matter how big or small your network is, it needs to be managed properly. Our proactive approach to systems administration, maintenance, and provisioning are core fundamentals in the successful management of the networks we oversee.

Technology Mechanics has developed through years of experience the tools, methods, and procedures necessary to ensure your network will be kept running smooth and efficiently.


Interested in PROACTIVE IT support at a Fixed Monthly Rate?

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IT Related Downtime Costs $26.5 Billion In Lost Revenue

Still, 56% of enterprises in North America and 30% in Europe don’t have a good disaster recovery plan, as stated by a CA Technologies survey of 200 companies.
Proactive Managed IT Services

Proactive Managed IT Services is a vital part of every well running computer network. Like changing the oil in your car every 3000 miles or getting your teeth cleaned a couple of times a year, a proactive approach to managed IT services is the single most important factor in ensuring the longevity of your IT systems.

Technology Mechanics knows what is needed to make sure your network stays running strong. That’s why we prescribe a maintenance plan for every device on your network.

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24/7 Network Monitoring

Keep peace of mind knowing your entire network system is looked after and monitored 24/7, 365. If anything from low printer toner alert to an attempted security breach happens, we’ll catch it and remedy the situation before it becomes an issue.

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Directory Services Administration

We provide Directory Services Administration for any type of system. Be it Microsoft’s Active Directory, Apache Directory, Open LDAP, or hybrid, our System Admins understand the tool sets and nomenclature to proficiently manage your DS no matter how complex or diverse.

Data Backup Administration

Recovering from a critical systems crash (or a simple file deletion) is not when you want to “discover if” you have current backups. That’s why we provide our client with fully managed, multi-location, multi-file version backup solutions for every aspect of there critical data sets.

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Network Security Services

They’re not only on the other side of your firewall trying to get in, they’re already inside, working for your company, stealing data, client information, and costing your company profits. We provide extensive “inside-out” network threat assessment, network threat protection, network security management, and network threat remediation services. We identify the threats, close up the wholes, and lock your network down tight.

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Procurement & Provisioning Services

How much time do you have to shop for products and services or to deal with vendors and sales people? What about the knowledge to make an informed decision on the “next new tech wave”? Who is making sure your are paying the lowest rate for a service and getting the best service for your dollar?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a knowledgeable professional ensuring you are getting the right products and services at the lowest price? Someone who understands your needs versus the vendor’s products or services? Someone who can help you make an truly informed decision?

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3rd Party Vendor Relations

One of the most common issues we come across with new clients, is their relationship and contracts with their service providers. Internet, telecom, copier, software, and cloud service providers all tend to charge more then what they should and deliver less then what they can. We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by negotiating on their behalf with the service providers. We are experts in negotiating contract terms, better service, and reduced costs.

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Growth Planning & Coordination

As your company grows so do the headaches in managing the technology supporting it’s growth. If it’s planning for an expansion in your office, building out a new facility, or assimilating existing IT infrastructure from a business acquisition, Technology Mechanics has the experience to procure, manage, and coordinate every detail at every step.

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Systems Deployment & Allocation

Being based in the “Trade Show Capital of the World”, you learn a thing or two about fast deployment and precise allocation of IT systems. If you need no-hassle systems deployment and allocation services, look no further then Technology Mechanics. We provide complete facilities management, technology planning, and augmented technical support for any size deployment.

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