Data Recovery Services

Technology Mechanics provides several levels of data recovery for a multitude of digital mediums and devices. We can successfully perform on-site data recovery for most types of data loss issues.

We Can Recover Data From:

  • Failed or Damaged Hard Drives
  • Corrupt Files or Directories
  • Deleted Files and Directories
  • SD Memory Cards
  • External USB Drives
  • RAID Arrays

Protecting Digital Information

As digital data becomes more and more the life blood of a company, catastrophic data loss is increasingly inherent, crippling or even forcing companies out of business. “Protecting company data is protecting the company itself.” Achieving an adequate level of protection requires a proactive approach to planning, implementing, and maintaining policies and processes designed to preemptively safeguard company information.
A 2010 survey conducted by Applied Research and reported by Symantec states that 42% of small and midsize businesses have lost critical data. The average cost per occurrence is more than $188,000. In most cases companies were confident their data was adequately safeguarded but still could not identify the threats.

A fact about data loss from Carbonite.

40% of the IT professionals polled said that their small businesses would likely go out of business if they lost all of their files permanently.

A whopping 58% said they couldn’t sustain any amount of data loss.

State of Data Backup for SMBs