Apple Mac Repair

Apple makes great products from the super charged Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini and MacBook to the iPhone and iPad. With each touting the robust but simplistic Mac OS X operating system, you have a solid computing platform from palm to desktop.

Apple products rarely have issues, but when they do you need someone that can get it back up and running. Technology Mechanics provides onsite support for all Apple products.  We are experts in troubleshooting Mac OS X and Mac hardware related issues.

We Fix OSX problems

Slow Start-up

Persistent Beachball

Slow application toggling

Slow Safari

Documents open in wrong application

Mac won’t start

Lost file recovery

Full hard drive

We repair Macs

Failed hard drive

Dead power supply

Overheating problems

Fan Replacement

Memory / PRAM/VRAM issues

System lockups


We upgrade Macs

Hard drive upgrades

Memory upgrades

Graphics card upgrades

Peripheral upgrades

As always, we guarantee our work.  “If we can’t provide a solution, You don’t get charged.”

We provide the best Apple Mac repair in Las Vegas.